Regency House Party

The Regency House Party was a project for UK Channel 4 that put 10 men and women in a Regency-restored country house (Kentchurch Court in Herefordshire) for 9 weeks. The ten participants were chosen from approximately 1500 applicants! The creators of this television series "were inspired by the house party at Netherfield in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and chose volunteers who would not have feel out of place in a Regency country-house drawing room two hundred years ago."

The book of the series (pictured to the left) is available and the series of eight 60 minute episodes has now finished showing on UK Channel 4 television.

Visit the Channel4 minisite for The Regency House Party to look at all the detailed information and try your hand at a few Regency quizzes!

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