Georgette Heyer's Regency World

by Dr Jennifer Kloester

A unique behind-the-scenes look at the history, culture, society and politics of Georgette Heyer's regency world.

With Dr Kloester's permission, I can list the contents of her book with a few interesting extracts. Released 6th October 2005, you can buy this book on The jacket pictured is The Minuet by Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer, credit: Sotheby's Picture Library. Front Cover

Chapter 1: Up and Down the Social Ladder

Regency Society - The Social Ladder - Royalty - The Aristocracy - The Gentry - The New Middle Class, Nabobs and 'Cits' - Further Down the Ladder - The Bottom of the Ladder - Climbing the Social Ladder

Chapter 2: At Home in Town and Country

Mayfair - The London House - On the Fringe: Hans Town and Russell Square - More Modest Dwellings - Domestic Staff - Great Estates and Country Living

Chapter 3: A Man's World

Upper-class Regency Men - A Bachelor's Life - Marriage - Bucks, Beaus and Dandies

Chapter 4: The Gentle Sex

The Regency Woman - All the Accomplishments - Making a Come-out - Mothers, Wives, Widows and Daughters - On the Marriage Mart - To Gretna Green - A Brilliant Match or a Disastrous Alliance

Chapter 5: On the Town

The Season and the Little Season - Almack's - The Patronesses - The Best Circles - Rules and Etiquette - Scandal! - Dancing - The Theatre - In the Parks

Chapter 6: The Pleasure Haunts of London

Carlton House - Clubs, Pubs and Pleasure - The Bow-window Set - Vauxhall Gardens - Ladies of the Night, Brothels and Gambling Hells - Convivial Evenings - Around the Town

Chapter 7: The Fashionable Resorts

Brighton - The Best Address and Other Accommodations - On the Promenade and Other Entertainments - Bath - The Upper and Lower Assembly Rooms - The Pump Room - Taking the Cure - Other Diversions

Chapter 8: Getting About

All Kinds of Carriages - On Drivers and Driving - Public Transport - On the Road - Long-distance Travel - Turnpikes, Toll-gates and Tickets

Chapter 9: What to Wear

Men's Fashion from Head to Toe - The Intricacies of the Neckcloth - Women's Fashion from Hats to Hose - Hairstyles - Seals, Fobs, Snuff-boxes and Quizzing Glasses - Jewellery - Ageing Gracefully - General Fashion Glossary

Chapter 10: Shopping

Shopping in London - London Shops - Daily Needs - Lock's for Hats - Milliners, Tailors, Modistes and Mantua Makers - Hoby's for Boots - Fribourg & Treyer's for Snuff - Linen Drapers - Jewellers - Cosmetics

Chapter 11: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Food, Removes, Repasts and a Light Nuncheon - Meals and Menus - What's for Dessert? Gunter's - Drinking by Day and by Night

Chapter 12: The Sporting Life

Boxing at the Fives Court, Prizefights and Pets of the Fancy - Cocks and Dogs - Revel-routs and Boxing the Watch - On the Strut to Tattersall's - Hunting, Horse Racing, Curricle Racing and Wagers - Gambling, Vowels and Debts of Honour - Duelling

Chapter 13: Business and the Military

The Postal Service - The city - The Stock Exchange - Banking - The Military - The Peninsular War - The Peace - The Hundred Days - Military Men

chapter 14: Who's Who in the Regency

The Royal Family - Influential Women - Influential Women - The Beau and the Dandies

Appendix 1: A Glossary of Cant and Common Regency Phrases

Appendix 2: Newspapers and Magazines

Appendix 3: Books in Heyer

Appendix 4: Timeline

Appendix 5: Reading about the Regency and Where Next?

Appendix 6: Georgette Heyer's Regency Novels

Copyright © Jennifer Kloester 2005

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