Duplicate Death

by Georgette Heyer

Cover Picture "Good God!" said Mr Harte, staring at him between narrowed eyelids. "You're the Sergeant!"

It seemed, from Inspector Pershore's alarming demeanour, that he only awaited a sign from the Chief Inspector to take Mr Harte instantly into custody; but Hemingway, regarding Mr Harte with interest and surprise, gave no such sign. "Well, I was once, but I've been promoted," he replied. "Did you happen to know me when I was a Sergeant, sir?"

"Of course I did!" said Timothy, rising, and going towards him, with his hand held out. "You probably don't remember me, but don't you remember the Kane case?"

A blinding light flooded the Chief Inspector's brain. "Harte!" he exclaimed. "I said it rang a bell! Well, well, if it isn't Terrible - " He broke off, for once in his life confused.

"Terrible Timothy," supplied Mr Harte. "I expect I was, too. How are you? I should have known you anywhere!"

"I'm bound to say I shouldn't have known you, sir," said Hemingway, warmly shaking him by the hand. "If you don't mind my saying so, a nice nuisance you were in those days! And how's that brother of yours? I hope no one's been trying to bump him off since I saw him last?"

"Only Jerry. He lost a leg at Monte Cassino, but otherwise he's flourishing. Got four kids, too."

"You don't say! Well, time certainly does fly! When I think it seems only yesterday you were a nipper yourself, sir, driving me mad trying to help me solve the case-well, it doesn't seem possible!"

"I do seem fated to be embroiled in murders, don't I?" agreed Timothy. "Only this time I'm a suspect, you know!"

"Yes," said Hemingway severely, "and from what I remember of you, sir, that'ud just about suit your book, that would! Of course, I was handicapped on the Kane case, you being only a kid, but thins are different now, and I give you fair warning, if you start getting funny with me I shall know what to do. Because the more I look at you, the more I see you haven't changed at all!"

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